Sam Weller have over 75 years’ experience working with, and supplying decatising wrappers to, leading companies in the cloth finishing industry – including all the finishing companies processing World renowned Fine Worsted fabrics from Huddersfield.

Based on the American word decating (originally applied to open blowing machines where the fabric was wrapped around a steam cylinder to press it) decatising is a process where the application of steam under pressure is used to impart a permanent finish on high-quality wool and woollen-blend fabrics. By this process fabrics acquire important physical and aesthetic qualities like dimensional stability, flowing drape, fine handle, crease resistance and a discreet glaze finish.

Satin Decatising Wrappers

Made with special cotton/synthetic blended yarn for extended life and therefore providing a more economical decatising process. Extra fine qualities are manufactured to make the finishing of fine woollen worsteds and mohair trouble free.

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Raised Satin Decatising Wrappers

Raised on both sides they produce soft, dull, low-lustre finishes on the highest quality fine worsteds.

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Molleton Decatising Wrappers

Ideally suited for producing volatized, soft finishes on heavy woollen fabrics.

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