We have looms in widths of 220cm to 300cm, and are capable of weaving and finishing fabrics up to 280cm (narrow widths can be produced using lino edges to give a stable edge whilst splitting woven widths down to 30cm or less).

Tuck edges or a full named selvedge are available.

Fibres used: Cotton, Linen, Flax, Polyester, Nylon, Acrylic, Wool, Nomex and Blends


In-house scouring, bleaching and singeing is available with heavy can drying able to pre-stretch base fabrics. Dyeing, heat-setting, brushing and chemical finishes are arranged through local partnerships.

Precise slitting or trimming of fabrics can also be offered.


Utilising in-house and external resources coated or rubberised fabrics can be offered.

Testing and Quality

Based on SDC Enterprises vast experience of writing test methods and producing quality control materials, all Sam Weller products have strict quality specifications supported by internal, and external UKAS accredited, testing facilities.

All fabrics are 100% inspected.