Product Code: Q130010

Decatising Wrapper

Composition: Warp 67% Cotton/33% Polyester; Weft 65% Cotton/35% Polyamide – Fully heat set.

The high percentage of PES in the warp imparts a higher degree of lustre.  This type of wrapper is only recommended when acid is used in finishing processes. Under such conditions the operating life of this quality is longer, making it more economical despite the following limitations:

PES/CO wrappers can harden and become less flexible after extended exposure to standard operating temperatures, with the PES becoming very shiny and liable to cracking. Due to the reduced flexibility PES/CO cannot be run at the lowest or highest tensions.

The risk of watermarks or moiré is higher, as PES/CO wrappers cannot absorb as much water. Operating temperatures need to be high to reduce these risks – reducing the lifespan of the wrapper.